"Design personifies and embodies the diverse cultures that exist today, it reflects the power and endless potential of the human genius. My mind doesn’t ramble through the arguments of form over function it tries to document the beauty with which the designer and the architect has converted a vacant space to a life-scape." 
~ Prachi Damle

Prachi has completed her Masters in Journalism and has graduated from The Shari Academy of Digital Photography, Mumbai with her extensive two years Master-craftsman Diploma in Professional Photography and Digital Imaging. Her eye for photography and skills have been honed to a great effect after having been mentored by and then having assisted India's leading commercial photographer Mr. Jaideep Oberoi. 

Since 2012, she has been shooting for various publications such as The Ideal Home & Garden, Navneet group and beautifulhomes.com by Asian Paints among others. She has worked extensively with real estate clients, architects and designers. She has also worked with many decor brands for their advertising campaigns.          She is based out of Mumbai and is always wiling to travel on assignment.

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